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Without summarizing it in any way, what would you say The Alpha’s Salvation is about?

At its core, it’s about forgiveness and acceptance, mostly of oneself. On top of that, it’s about two people clawing through life in a massively dystopian world and making the most of second chances, whether a second chance at a future or a second chance at romance.

If you weren’t writing an omegaverse romance, what genre would you write?

The Alpha’s Salvation has a dystopian, vaguely western vibe, so I’d love to lean into that and write a full-on western romance. Something like Deadwood, only more sexy! But, I would be tempted to play too fast and loose with historical accuracy and probably make a whole mess of it!

What craft elements do you think are your strong suit, and what would you like to be better at?

One thing I consistently hear is that my world building is a strength. Within the omegaverse genre, with these alpha and betas and omegas and fated mates and bonds and all the other elements we love, there’s a lot of opportunity to mix them up and do them in my own way, and I love that.

In terms of improvement, I wish I were better at deep, deep POV with a super zoomed-in lens of minute thoughts and reactions from the characters. Charlotte Stein and Kate Clayborn are amazing at this.

You’re being held hostage by the last show you watched, who is holding you hostage?

Oooh, this is relevant! I’ve been watching Raised By Wolves (another dystopian fictional world), so I guess I’m either being held hostage by androids or religious fanatics. Yikes.

What’s a song that you hate people talking over?

Please don’t interrupt me when I’m belting out ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ by oasis at the top of my lungs.

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Marlowe Roy is a Midwestern transplant living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Her husband describes her dystopian omegaverse stories as “punchy and unboring.”  She writes late at night and on weekends and does not want to go for a hike.


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