tHE Alpha's Resurrection

AfterEnd Omegaverse Series Book Three

One chance to choose her Alpha.

Zorah’s on a high-stakes mission: choose one of the Morris Hill Alphas to bond before summer ends. If she fails, she’ll return home and accept whomever her controlling parents pick, including her oily cousin.

With a dozen handsome Alphas vying for her attention, her future is under control. Until fate blinds her to all but one. Anti-social, reclusive, with a violent history, he’s lowest in the pack.

And he’s her mate.

His fresh start came with a price.

Desperate for a new life, Jake joins the Morris Hill Pack with a promise to never speak to an Omega. A high price he gladly paid for a shot at redemption.

But when his new village includes an irresistible Omega, he fears his resolve will crumble. Too young, too sweet, and too good for an Alpha trainwreck like him, he vows to stay away.

Forbidden to have and impossible to ignore, her nature calls to his; a destined collision he can’t avoid. Giving in risks his redemption, his place in the pack, and his very life.

But giving her up will tear them both apart.

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