tHE Alpha's Seduction

AfterEnd Omegaverse Series Book Two

She thought the apocalypse took everything, but in a world dominated by ruthless Alphas, there's always more to lose.

Della lived through the horrors of TheEnd. Dodging danger and violence for years, she survived with only her indomitable independence to protect her. After finding a fragile peace in Morris Hill, she keeps to herself and guards her patched-up heart.

But when a mysterious Alpha with a sexy twang and arrogant swagger upends her quiet existence, she must choose: submit to him, or risk losing everything... again.

Haunted by the failures that destroyed his Pack, Cal wanders in self-imposed purgatory.

When a chance encounter brings him to Morris Hill, he finds everything he’s longed for, including an Omega that sings to his soul.

But everything is not what it seems, and when he uncovers a conspiracy that threatens the settlement, he’ll have to decide: stay and prove his loyalty to his newfound family, or take his omega and run.

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